Whether you read the news regularly or not, it’s almost impossible to escape hearing about some celebrity or pro-athlete whose image has been tarnished because of a disgraceful act. More often than not, this individual is linked to a company or product, which suffers a similar black mark. While using celebrity endorsements and multimillion-dollar ad campaigns can certainly increase brand recognition and sales, there is plenty of risks to balance out the rewards.

The most important question these contract holders must ask is, how much collateral damage would be inflicted should this public figure suddenly implode? This damage can be felt in any number of ways: loss of sponsor revenue, unrecoverable marketing costs, blemished name and reputation, and the list goes on.

To protect contractual interests, Disgrace Insurance can be purchased either as stand-alone coverage or to include Disability and/or Death.

Target Markets:
  • Athletes
  • Entertainers
  • Public Figures
  • Spokespersons
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Lending Institutions
  • Business Managers & Agents
  • Sponsors & Advertisers
Program Parameters:
  • 24hr Worldwide Coverage
  • Coverage is renewable
  • Policy Term Lengths Matching Contract Duration Up to 1yr
  • Benefits not to Exceed the Loss Due to Non-Performance of Contract
  • Underwriting Requirements: Application & Copy of Contract

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