A prominent producer/director filming in London required an immediate bank loan of $5 million due to a budget conflict. The bank required an equal amount of life and disability insurance for the estimated two months it would take to complete the project and would not release the funds until the insurance was in force. With Hanleigh immediate binding authority and products like the Human Capital Protector, the insurance was in force the next day. A major television studio required $20 million of coverage to protect itself in the event of the disability of its biggest star. Hanleigh issued coverage for two years until the show went into syndication.

Internationally renowned singer purchased $10 million of Permanent Total Disability coverage in the event of a career ending injury or illness.

A book publisher secured $25 million of disability insurance to protect an advance made to a best selling author. The definition of disability was directly tied to the insured person's inability to deliver the book due to an accident or sickness.

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