A World-renowned hedge fund closed a $1.2 billion fund locking in investors for a five-year period with an exception. The fund stood to lose $10 million per year in management fees in the event the portfolio manager died or became disabled.


A publicly held advertising and PR conglomerate required $35 million of Key Person Disability coverage on the founder and CEO of its largest acquisition.


A boutique private equity firm secured $5 million of coverage on the President and CEO of one of their portfolio companies. Since the success of the business was tied to the President and CEO, the insurance was structured with a 60-day elimination period, paying the company a $100,000 per month benefit for 12 months, followed by a $3 million lump sum.


A national investment-banking house acquired a 43% stake in a multi-million dollar textile company. As a caveat to the purchase, the investment bankers required $5 million of disability coverage on each of the textile company's two "key" executives. Hanleigh designed and underwrote two policies with $5 million lump sum, payable after 12 months, which allowed the investment bank to close the purchase.


A national publishing company made an advance of $6 million to a best selling author for the promise of completing two books. The publishers wanted to insure the author for their advanced contracted obligation as well as their investment in promoting his first book. Hanleigh placed a $6 million key person disability and accidental death policy on the author.

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