Entertainment Overview


The Entertainment Market captures a vast array of different occupations, almost all of which pose unique and often challenging risks for domestic carriers. Placing these risks doesn’t have to be a struggle with Hanleigh’s Entertainment Insurance Products.

Types of Coverages Available:

  • High Limit Temporary &/or Permanent Total Disability
  • Death, Disgrace, Disability
  • Personal Income Protection
  • Contractual Protection
  • Cast Insurance Buyout
  • Individual and Group Catastrophic AD&D Plans
Target Markets
  • Film & TV Crews
  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Photographers
  • Models
  • Actors
  • Musicians
  • Directors
  • Agents/Managers
Program Parameters
  • Lump Sum Limits up to and beyond $100M
  • Monthly Benefit Limits up to $250K per Month
  • Policy Terms ranging from 1 Day up to 5 Years
  • Own Occupation Definition

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