Loan Indemnity Overview


Whether you are a small business owner, investor, or other professional protecting yourself against the possibility of defaulting on a loan due to disability is critical. Regardless of if the lending organization requires disability coverage or not it is important for an individual to protect themselves from the possibility of a disabling event preventing them from being able to make their regular loan payments. Our Loan Indemnity Protector is specially designed to ensure an individual’s loan obligations are 100% covered should a disabling event occur.

Program Parameters
  • Benefits Tailored to Match Individual’s Loan Agreement
  • Complete Coverage of Monthly Loan Payment to Include Interest
  • Capacity up to $100,000,000
  • Max Policy Terms of 5 years
  • Own Occupation Protection
  • Standard Elimination Periods of: 90 or 180 days
  • Existing Life Insurance Medical Exams May Be Used for DI Underwriting

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