It has been scientifically proven that Traveling, particularly to foreign countries, is beneficial to our mental and physical health.  Planning a trip, however, doesn’t only include where to go and what to do when you get there.  It is just as essential – if not more so – to be prepared for worst-case scenarios.  Whether traveling solo or as a group, for work or pleasure, for a day or a year, Hanleigh has the ability to provide your clients the important Travel Insurance they need to have a safe, successful trip.



Coverages Available
    • Medical Expense
    • Emergency Medical
    • Repatriation or Remains
    • Lost Baggage
    • Cosmetic Disfigurement
    • War Risks
Program Parameters
    • Coverage is 24hrs Worldwide
    • Medical Expenses up to $100,000 per individual
    • Benefits provide 100% coverage of all expenses associated with Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains
    • Provides 24-hour access to:
      • Medical Assistance – referrals to medical professionals & facilities
      • Personal Assistance – referrals to lawyers & translators, embassy information, emergency cash advance, etc.
      • Travel Assistance – emergency travel arrangements, vehicle return, return of traveling dependents or companions
      • Security Assistance – crisis hotline, on-ground security, access to secure, web-based system for tracking global threats
    • Coverage goes into effect the day of departure and extends up to the day you return or 1 year, whichever the lesser.

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