A crucial question all successful Business Owners ask themselves is, “would my business survive if I were to become disabled for a period of time?” Commonly the answer is no. For this very reason, Business Overhead Expense Insurance is purchased. The problem is often times – particularly for medium to larger sized organizations – the necessary amount of coverage is not available from the domestic market. Hanleigh’s Business Overhead Protector is able to provide excess coverage above domestic limits or an alternative solution when domestic outlets are not an option.

Eligible Overhead Expenses:
  • Rent
  • Electricity, Telephone & Water
  • Laundry & Maintenance Services
  • Depreciation
  • Property & Liability Insurance
  • Taxes on Business Premise
  • Interest on Mortgage
  • Compensation to Employees* *Does not include salary of Insured or others in similar position
  • Leasing Costs
  • Other Expenses Approved By Underwriting
Program Parameters
  • Monthly Benefits Only
  • Limits up to $250,000/mnth
  • Max Policy Terms of 5 years
  • Own Occupation Protection
  • Standard Elimination Periods of: 90 or 180 days
  • Existing Life Insurance Medical Exams May Be Used for DI Underwriting

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